Explore the different higher workshops we offer with advanced healing techniques that will help you and your loved ones on a daily basis.
Advanced Pranic Healing book

Advanced Pranic Healing

This workshop is a specialized training for more advanced healers and/or those who would like to learn more advanced pranic techniques that can treat even the most severe disorders.

The workshop teaches the most advanced methodology in color energy healing using not only mere colored prana but applying the right proportion, sequence, color combination and degree of hue.

Pranic Psychotherapy Book

Pranic Psychotherapy

This is an excellent workshop for those who would like to excel in the field of psychotherapy.

The understanding and application of Pranic Psychotherapy Healing – Level 3 techniques in the alleviation and treatment of emotional, mental and psychological disorders are presented in a simple, easy to follow format.

Pranic Crystal Healing

This workshop gives more advanced healers and spiritual workers a better understanding of the natural powers and qualities of crystals and its subsequent application as a tool in all Advanced Pranic Healing techniques.

Psychic Self-Defense

The Art of Psychic Self-Defense is a revolutionary approach to protect oneself and loved ones against physical, etheric, emotional, mental and psychic contamination and attacks whether unconscious or deliberate in our energy fields and environment. 

This workshop is a must for energy workers and people who work in stressful environments.

Pranic Face Lift & Pranic Body Sculpting

Pranic Face Lift & Pranic Body Sculpting

The Pranic Face Lift & Pranic Body Sculpting workshop basically introduces the application of Pranic Healing dealing with health and beauty.

This workshop helps you look prettier and lose weight just by using the knowledge of subtle energy – no surgery, exhausting exercises, or medicine needed.

Superbrain Yoga

Superbrain Yoga®

GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui reveals an ancient Indian technique of increasing your brain power by harnessing the body’s primordial energies.

Learn to gradually improve your memory, increase focus and achieve mental clarity with a simple, easy to do exercise. It includes scientific studies showing dramatic improvements in children diagnosed with Autism, ADD, and PDD/ADHD.

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