Full Moon Meditation

Join Us To Experience The Power Of The Full Moon Meditation

The Science and Art of Meditation is becoming a more common and acceptable practice throughout the whole world.

Meditation is viewed as something positive, relaxing and a means to achieving inner peace and inner stillness.

The monthly Full Moon Group Meditation has been a public service of The Center for Pranic Healing since 1994.

Why Meditate During Full Moon?

Did you know that the energy we experience during Full Moon is actually from the Sun?

At the time of each Full Moon, the Moon is blocked by the light of the Sun in such a way that the transmission of the Sun is direct and not distributed by the Moon. The glow of the bright, Full Moon is the light of the Sun being reflected upon the surface of the Moon.

Each month our Sun enters into the magnetic field of one of the signs of the Zodiac and transmits its energy to Earth, either directly or via the ruling planets of that sign.

The exact moment of the Full Moon, when the alignment will all the planetary and solar energy centers, presents the highest state of sensitivity and contact.

Meditating during the Full Moon is equivalent to meditating every day for one month.

Why Meditate In A Group During Full Moon?

When we meditate in a group, the energy present is amplified, creating a stronger experience for ourselves as well as our ability to bless the earth.

Those who meditate together have noticed that group energy promotes a deeper, more profound experience carrying them into higher and deeper levels than they would be able to each if they meditated on their own.

This is also very important for our blessing of Mother Earth as well. The effectiveness of positive energy directed towards humanity and the reciting of The Great Invocation is magnified many times more when done as a group rather than as an individual.

In summary: Monthly Full Moon Meditation translates to Group Service Through Group Meditation.


The Most Powerful
Meditation of the Year

Major Benefits Of Meditation During The Full Moon

Global Group Service 

During the Full Moon Meditation, the group can perform a global service by Blessing Humanity and Mother Earth.

Absorb the Positive Qualities of the Sign

Each month’s Full Moon brings down a specific type of energy for that month that relates to the positive qualities associated with the corresponding Zodiac sign.

Partake in a Spiritual Shower

During meditation, a tremendous amount of Divine Energy comes down and cleanses the aura and chakras, healing and reenergizing our entire being. We can bathe in the energy of the Masters and great beings of light.

Bless our Loved Ones and Projects

The tremendous amount of Divine energy during the Full Moon can be utilized to bless our loved ones and our respective individual and group projects.

Bless the Divine Plan

At each Full Moon meditation, together we recite The Great Invocation, using the Divine Energy to Bless the Divine Plan.

Use the Energy as a “Shock”

The Divine Energy that comes down has the tendency to push one forward…to inspire one to aspire to greater things. Meditating during the Full Moon stimulates that kind of energy.

For Pranic Healers

Pranic Healing Instructors and Arhatic Yoga Practitioners can gather the Divine Energy to concretize, energize and materialize projects (Kriyashakti). Meditating during the Full Moon is equivalent to meditating every day for one month.

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