Meditation on Twin Hearts

“Meditation speeds up the evolutionary process by gradually purifying negative tendencies.”

GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui

Meditation on Twin Hearts is a 21-minute guided meditation by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui.

The meditation aims to help practitioners experience peace and illumination during the process of blessing the entire earth with harmony and loving-kindness.

It is a simple, yet powerful spiritual technology for achieving cosmic consciousness or what we often call “illumination.” The Meditation on Twin Hearts is practiced by millions of people worldwide.

Benefits of Meditation on Twin Hearts on the Mind, Body and Spirit:

stones in hand that say spirit body mind
  • Helps with reducing stress and anxiety physically, emotionally and mentally, bringing more peace, increasing joy and happiness

  • Helps with physical health, emotional health, mental health and inner illumination

  • Supports positive thinking by opening the heart

  • Acts as an “energetic shower” cleansing unwanted thoughts and feelings

  • Opens up the heart (emotional heart) and crown (spiritual heart) enabling us to draw down a great amount of divine energy producing prana (energy)

Benefits of Meditation on Twin Hearts in Relationships, Family and Work Environment:

  • Improves self-esteem, confidence and sense of self-worth

  • Improves relationships, family life and work

  • Increases tolerance of others, improves job performance and increases job satisfaction

  • We can set intentions to help heal our loved ones, our health, our circumstances and our surroundings

  • Evokes a sense of hope and inspiration

  • Brings balance to our life by offering and receiving blessings

group of hands on top of each other

Benefits of Meditation on Twin Hearts shown through Scientific Research:

  • There was significant increase in plasma melatonin and serum serotonin following Meditation on Twin Hearts in a pilot study of 17 subjects and a follow-up study of 35 subjects

  • An observable increase in brain synchrony (alpha-delta theta waves) between the two hemispheres of the brain after the Meditation on Twin Hearts

  • There was synchronization of brain waves initially between the same hemisphere and followed by synchrony between the frontal, middle and rear portions of the brain

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As we practice this meditation regularly, it has a compounding effect that helps bring more energy and balance to our lives. It recharges the body and helps improve health.

Just like we take physical showers, this is like an energetic shower. When was the last time you had an energetic shower?

If you are looking to heal, bring more clarity to your life, or even bring more light and love around us, come join us!

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