Project Hope For Healing

“May every sunrise bring you hope. May every sunset bring you peace.”

GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui

In light of this global crisis, we need a sign to move forward.

Project Hope for Healing is a global movement to build a force of good. Let us unify and create a different world, a world that is healthier, happier and better than before. This is a gift of hope and healing initiated by the Center for Pranic Healing.

Join us and thousands of healers around the world to participate in “Project Hope for Healing”.

Pranic Healers around the Globe have joined efforts to help those afflicted with the Coronavirus to heal and move forward with grace during these uncertain times.

Countless “Healing Pods” are held at various times and led throughout different countries around the world.

Offering your time and healing is an act of service and tithing and a way to generate good karma, while having a positive impact on those in need, building community among our healers and helping Pranic Healing Research in their efforts to facilitate the documentation of our global movement in healing.

If you are new to Pranic Healing and would like to learn more about all our Workshops,
please visit HERE to find a Workshop near you.

After attending the Basic Pranic Healing, the first level workshop, you are able to join a Project Hope for Healing Pod.

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