MCKS Pranic Healing Level 1 (Basic) in Manassas, VA

Unlock Your Inner Healing Abilities. During this Hands-on Workshop, Learn and Practice:

  • Scanning to feel the energy body (the invisible part of you)
  • How to remove old, stagnant energies  and replace with fresh revitalizing energies
  • How to balance the energy centers and feel centered
  • Protocols from simple to moderate ailments such as headaches, stress, burns, cuts, sprains, fever, arthritis, PMS and much more.
  • How to avoid contamination to maintain Energy Hygiene which is vital to good health
  • A yogic breathing technique that quickly empowers you
  • Removing aches and pains using simple Self-Healing techniques
  • Healing your friends and loved ones using Distant Healing techniques
  • Meditation on Twin Hearts, an advanced form of meditation that transforms people into powerful loving people

Schedule: September 24-25, 9am-5pm
Fees: Early Bird New Student $375 (by Sept 19th) | Regular Price New Student $400 | Review $70

Basic Pranic Healing

This is the basic and introductory course in Pranic Healing. It is an experiential workshop to discover one’s innate ability to heal. You will learn to heal confidently. It opens doors for other learning opportunities that help bring more health, wealth, spirituality and better relationships.