Basic Pranic Healing Warkshop at Faena Hotel, Miami Beach

Basic Pranic Healer Workshop with Certification:
This experiential workshop is designed to help you discover your innate ability to heal. You will learn to heal with confidence and open doors to further learning opportunities that can bring more health, wealth, and spirituality into your life.

At the workshop, you will:

  • Develop an awareness of the nature of the human aura: the subtle energy fields and the eleven (11) major energy centers.
  • Learn to remove “diseased or used-up” energy using the techniques of “Cleansing” and “Energizing” to restore balance.
  • Learn to identify and “sense” energetic imbalances in the aura and the body’s energy centers by scanning with the hands.
  • Learn to heal loved ones from afar using long-distance or remote healing techniques.
  • Accelerate the body’s natural rate of healing. Learn the integrated Self Pranic Healing approach.
  • Detoxify and avoid contamination from patients and energetically “dirty” environments.
  • Increase your healing ability through the powerful Meditation on Twin Hearts – an advanced meditation technique focusing on personal, environmental, and planetary harmony and healing.

Additionally, our 3-day program features an enlightening educational lecture on Holistic Health and the Stress Response System, spanning all realms: Spirit, Emotion, Mind, and Body. This comprehensive session equips you to identify various internal and external stressors in your environment, ranging from toxins and pro-inflammatory foods to energy disruptors, empowering you to effectively manage them while also exploring highly effective strategies for coping with them.

Moreover, our attendees will have exclusive access to Faena’s state-of-the-art wellness facilities, including the sauna, steam room, and hammam. These amenities provide the perfect complement to the day’s activities, offering opportunities for detoxification, rejuvenation, and sensory renewal.

Join us on this path towards greater well-being and vitality.