Pranic Crystal Healing

Explore Essential Crystal Properties and Their Effects

Explore the power of Pranic Crystal Healing in this Level 4 course. Learn essential properties of crystals, their impact on aura and chakras, and advanced healing techniques. Enhance your healing skills and discover how to amplify a crystal’s power effectively.

Course Content:

  • Properties of Crystals: Understand the essential characteristics and powers of various crystals.

  • Activation Effects on Aura and Chakras: Learn how crystals can influence and energize your spiritual and physical being.

  • Usage and Safety Guidelines: Gain insights into the proper and safe ways to handle and utilize crystals in healing.

  • Advanced Healing Techniques Using Crystals: Delve into sophisticated methods to increase healing efficacy using special crystals.

  • Consecration of Crystals: Discover how to consecrate crystals, boosting their healing powers by 1000% or more.