Advanced Pranic Healing

Some of the topics and techniques covered in Advanced Pranic Healing Course are:

  • Using color prana to produce very rapid healings.
  • Deeper understanding of the chakras.
  • Deeper understanding of law of Karma.
  • Advanced scanning to know the condition, size and movement of the chakras.
  • Advanced techniques for Cleansing and energizing
  • Rapid disinfecting and disinflaming.
  • Activating and inhibiting the chakras.
  • Strengthening the physical body
  • Cleansing the internal organs and blood

Advanced Pranic Healing


Advanced Pranic Healing – Level 2

This workshop is a specialized training for more advanced healers and/or those who would like to learn more advanced pranic techniques that can treat even the most severe disorders.  The course teaches the most advanced methodology in color energy healing using not only mere colored prana but applying the right proportion, sequence, color combination and degree of hue.  This course is a must for professional healers.  The Advanced Pranic Healing workshop offers:

    • Deeper understanding and application of proper colour prana in relation to the physical body, aura and energy centers.
    • Development of more intensive skills and accuracy in “Scanning”, interpreting and assessing treatment of imbalances in energy field patterns for moderate to severe physical ailments.
    • The nine (9) Principles of Preventive Pranic Healing.
    • Powerful Pranic Healing techniques that produces rapid and effective results.
    • Understanding and application of Divine Healing and Instructive Healing.
    • Healing symptoms of disharmony by understanding whole body systems that contribute to its inherent natural order.
    • Use of specific color prana and frequency needs of the body’s energy centers and the “DON’Ts” in Color Energy Healing.