Better Person Mindset: Be The Best You Can Be


Have you ever asked yourself, “If I know better, I will do better?”

If so, the insight and wisdom within these pages will set you on the journey to becoming a better person. We all aspire to become a better person – a better leader, husband, wife, partner, parent, doctor, nurse, healer or teacher.

This book discusses the nine Paramount principles to facilitate high order thinking which allows you to think clearly, reasonably, rationally and emphatically, properly, and accordingly.

Weaving together concepts from enduring spiritual and intellectual traditions with practical suggestions for today’s world, this book teaches you how to: * Control the energy behind your thoughts * Practice the virtual gratitude * Develop inner happiness * Live according to the law of karma * Practice awareness * Understand and practice a Law of Service * Learn to meditate Understand the purpose of life and how it’s how to find its meaning.

Let this book open your mind to becoming the person you want to be. This book by Glenn J. Mendoza, M.D. is for you.