Zelda Mary-Ella And The Art of Living


This second book in the Zelda Mary-Ella series was created to inspire children to enjoy every moment of their life.

To parents: Zelda Mary-Ella is designed to be a tool to help foster support the ever-growing emotional, creative and spiritual nature of your child.

We walk between two worlds…the seen and physical daily world and the places we go in our creative imagination and in our dreams. Zelda Mary-Ella reminds us that we can walk in this magical space with grace, security, joy and hope.

As our children are the future, we hope to encourage them to live their truth, discover their greatest gifts and support them in their vision of the future for themselves, for humanity and for or beloved Mother Earth.

Together we can create a world filled with peace, hope and joy.

Written by Connie Williams, M.Ed. Pediatric Speech and language Pathologist.

Illustrations and Design by Donna Visco

Cover Art by Dr. Stephen C. Lott

Published by Bija Tree, Inc.

Copyright August 2014

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