MCKS Silver Coin


Blessed Silver Coin
For Prosperity and Divine Protection

It is meant to attract prosperity, wealth, honor, and success.  It is designed to multiply the energy level of the owner many many times.

This commemorative coin was launched at the 2010 Mahasamadhi of GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui in New Jersey, USA.

It has been blessed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui & Company and programmed for 5 years of Prosperity and Divine Protection.

It was reprogrammed in 2015 for an additional 5 years of Prosperity and Divine Protection.

To use the coin:

  1. Place the coin in your pocket at all times.  If the energy is too much you can place it in the handbag or wallet.
  2. The coin intensifies the meditation experience.
  3. The coin increases the healing power of the practitioner.
  4. The coin can be used to energize your projects and Kriyashaktis.
  5. Put the coin aside when sleeping and taking a shower.
  6. Keep the coin inside the plastic container to prevent from tarnishing.

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