PHRI Awards Inaugural Research Grants Across the World

PHRI Awards

The Pranic Healing Research Institute (PHRI) is pleased to announce that 8 principal investigators from across the world have received grants to advance Pranic Healing through research.

“We are excited to support the inaugural grant recipients who are focusing on a variety of areas, including physical diseases, basic bench research, and psychosocial issues,” said Dr. Glenn Mendoza, PHRI Chief Medical Director. “By providing these investigators with resources to build meaningful research programs, we are forging the road ahead for scientific and public acceptance of GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing in the years to come.”

The grants were awarded through a competitive application process and reviewed by the Grants Review Committee, comprised of scientists and researchers with a wide array of backgrounds and expertise in all areas relevant to Pranic Healing research.

The awardees are:

The Effect of Pranic Healing on Microorganisms: Inhibition and Growth

Juliana Cunha da Cruz, Pranic Healing Netherlands and Belgium (Belgium)

Conducting a Randomized Control Trial to Investigate the Impact of Meditation on Work Stress

Basantsingh Deerpaul, Prana Wellness Centre (Mauritius)

The Effect of Pranic Healing on Low and Moderate Self-Esteem

Jorge Fuentes and Daniela Fernandez, Pranavida Chile (Chile)

Effect of Meditation on Twin Hearts on Anxiety, Quality of Life and Mindful Attention/ Awareness in University Students

Patrícia P. Gaion, Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos (Brazil)

The Use of Pranic Healing to Minimize the Side Effects of Radiation and Chemotherapy During Cancer Treatment

Stefania Kokotini, Chiron (Greece)

Effect of Pranic Healing on the Egg Laying Function of the C. Elegans Mutant SMA-3

Jennifer Pastor and Patricia DeLeon, Research Foundation of CUNY (USA)

Meditation on Twin Hearts to Reduce Alcohol Dependence: An Experimental Study

Reetha Vasudev and Amita Mani, Government Degree College (India)

Evaluation of the Effects of Pranic Healing in Cancer Cells

Hordep Velásquez, Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (Venezuela)

In support of increased empirical research, PHRI is also providing technical support for 3 additional research projects over the next year for the first research cohort. These partners include:

Impact of Pranic Healing in the Treatment of Chronic Constipation and Sleep Disorder in Individuals with Severe Physical and Intellectual Disabilities & The Effect of Basic Pranic Healing Techniques in Stress Management for Parents of Disabled Youth

Premila Chandrasekaran, Vaikuntha Consultancy (United Arab Emirates)

Enhancement of Quality of Life through Pranic Healing among Teachers and Students

Unnamalai Chitra, Pradheeibban SK, and Divya Vijayan, Jeyankonda Vinayagar High School, Nachiapuram (India)

Pranic Healing and the Quality of Life in Direct or Indirect Professionals of Chronic Patients

Ruth Nakabayashi, Universidade Cidade de Sao Paolo (Brazil)

A Randomized, Comparative Study on the Benefits of Pranic Healing Complementary Therapy in Diabetic Foot Ulcer Management

Anuradha Nittur, Partner Institute: Karnataka Institute of Endocrinology and Research (India)

Congratulations to all our awardees and researchers! The grants, in large part, are supported by Pranic Healers across the world who donated to this worthy cause.


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