Arhatic Yoga Mantras


The special recording of mantras chanted by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui, spiritual teacher and founder of modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, was designed especially for active Arhatic Yoga Centers all over the world.

Regular group meditations and studies, enhanced by these mantras, will stimulate and inspire individual and group spiritual growth and practice.

Guided by: GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui.

Strictly for Arhatic Yoga® Practitioners only.

Must be a Graduate of Arhatic Yoga® to order this item. If we do not have a record of you as a graduate of this workshop, then please be prepared to submit a copy of your certificate of completion for Arhatic Yoga®. Thank you.

This album contains:

01 Morning Arhatic Invocation
02 Morning OM
03 Morning Gayatri Mantra
04 Morning Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra
05 Morning Thanksgiving Prayer
06 Evening Arhatic Invocation
07 Evening OM
08 Evening Om Navah Shivaya
09 Evening Releasing and Rooting
10 Evening Thanksgiving Prayer

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