Getting Started

A Holistic Approach to Life

Pranic Healing is interested in engaging and developing the whole person – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – in the quest for optimal health and wellness.

Live Healthy

Improve your health and the health of your loved-ones using Pranic Healing.

It is Safe & Easy to Learn
Natural to Body
Complementary in Practice

Be Happy

Improve your relationships with your partner, family and colleagues with Pranic Healing.

Choose to be Happy
Increase Harmony
Cultivate Gratitude

Be Prosperous

Use the ancient knowledge of Kriyashakti and Thought Power to build the life of your dreams.

Know the Principles of Success
Achieve Your Dreams
Increase Your Prosperity Consciousness

Nourish Your Soul

Learn advanced meditations and purification techniques to help you achieve soul-realization.

Practice Right Thoughts,
Right Words and
Right Actions

Start your Journey to Become a Better Person

Choose from a full-range of lectures, workshops, courses and retreats designed to tackle every aspect of your life to help you discover new ways to face all challenges in life.


Learn simple yet effective techniques to improve your health, live younger and stay in peace.


Break your limitations, feel empowered and achieve the life of your dreams.


Improve your relationships, realize your true nature and find harmony and happiness in life.

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Every Wednesday open to the public, rain or shine!

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