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Your donations can go a long way.

Donate to advance Pranic Healing research and help spreading Pranic Healing. The donation you make today will go a long way in supporting frontier research in Pranic Healing and help spreading Pranic Healing. Thank you for your continued support.
Your tax-deductible donation will help spread Pranic Healing, Arhatic Yoga and Meditation on Twin Hearts through:
  • Supporting Pranic Healing Research – PHRI (Pranic Healing Research Institute)
  • Spreading and Maintaining Meditation on Twin Hearts in different cities – Meditation on Twin Hearts Initiative
  • Supporting the Online Global Pranic Healing Certification Programs
  • Feeding the Homeless and the Hungry – Friends in Need
  • Provide Scholarship Funds
  • Spread Pranic Healing & Print MCKS Books and Audio recordings in
  • New Areas like Mongolia
May the Good Karma generated by your donation come back to you and your family a hundred times or more!

The Center for Pranic Healing thanks you for your support!

Donate via PayPal & Debit/Credit Card

Donate via Debit/Credit Card

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